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David MarinosAfternoon Haze, 2013


David Marinos
Afternoon Haze, 2013

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sapphire-shores replied to your post: I don’t think many sjw’s understand th…

thats actually very untrue, as a lot of these posts are connected to fake blogs that descriptions contain many usually contradicting identities concerning usually gender/sexuality to make fun of those who do actually identify as whatever is listed.

It depends on how far people go I guess, like, maybe these people are going as far to satirize the aforementioned attitude many sjw’s display through their posts to make an entire blog devoted to it, but, like you’re implying, this might say something about the person, like these people actually do hate specific groups they wrongfully believe are BS (and I really don’t like laughing at content created by these kinds of people). Perhaps I want to believe the people behind the fake sj posts are like me (so I Can Relate!) and are actually feminists who are against the sjw “lifestyle.” I think many sjw’s need to stop and be able to criticize themselves and even laugh at the flaws in the group they represent. Shit, I’ve been laughing at bronies for years, even during the time I represented a brony. Of course bronies were 600x easier to criticize than sjws, but I think everyone needs to realize that you can criticize and satirize sjw’s without having to be an anti-feminist. I think too many people act as if sj is some divine law that cannot be touched due to its infinitely-respected title. It reminds me of the shitstorm this video caused because so many sjw’s couldn’t understand exaggeration and satire or could understand but were so offended that someone would satirize tumblr feminism that everything in the video was shit to them rather than something to maybe perhaps consider chuckling at. 

I don’t think many sjw’s understand that fake sj posts are made to satirize the excessive, overzealous, instant, rash, and frankly insensitive manners in which sjw’s educate and attempt to educate advanced feminism to everyone. I’m sure most of the people making these “fake posts” are feminists themselves but dislike the way many feminists are trying to make points.


Princess Celestia - O Ka-Féeby by Meora Hedva


Princess Celestia - O Ka-Féeby by Meora Hedva

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